The conservatory has before only been used for smoking at parties and the good old german Pfand.

We started by removing all the garbage and painting the walls.

The intermediate result already looked much better.

In order to house one or two of our frequent guests. We wanted to be able to supply a 140cm mattress. I developed a model in Fusion 360 that was about 80cm deep when contracted.

When expanded the model had a depth of around 140cm.

We calculated the right amount of wooden components we needed and bought them at the next DIY market. We then cut the wood to the correct sizes and polished the wood.

The assembly process was not easy without the IKEA manual.

The final assembled part.

We also sewed curtains for the large glass windows

In order to prevent smudges along the walls we decided to paint the walls matching the sofa cushins.

The final prepared room.

The construction in the room.

The expanded structure.

The cozy new space that can be transformed into a guest room.