2018 - Today
Courses taken: Robotics, Machine Learning 1, Network Security, Advanced Information Management 3, Scalable Data Science
M.Sc. Computer Science
Technical University of Berlin | Berlin
There is no intention to finish this degree.
Current Grade 1.8
2016 - 2019
In order to achieve a broader IT knowledge I enrolled at the HPI in 2016 and finished the degree after 3 years in 2019.
B.Sc. IT-Systems Engineering
Hasso-Plattner-Institute | Potsdam
Final Grade 1.9
2014 - 2017
Several courses in engineering, logistic and law were successfully completed.
M.Sc Industrial Engineering
Technical University of Berlin | Berlin
Specialization Engineering and Logistics
Final Grade 1.4
2010 - 2014
Several undergraduate courses were successfully completed.
B.Sc. Industrial Engineering
Technical University of Berlin | Berlin
Specialization Engineering
Final Grade 1.8
2008 - 2010
The KLS is a private higher educational school located in Berlin Dahlem. The KLS is part of the UNESCO ASPNet supporting social projects around the world.
Higher Education
Königin-Luise-Stiftung | Berlin
Biology and chemistry honors courses
Final Grade 1.8
2007 - 2008
One academic year has been completed as a proper enrolled student at a local high school.
Student Exchange
New Westminster Secondary School | Vancouver
2020 – Today
Neopolis is a GovTech and LegalTech start-up developing collaboration software.
neopolis | Potsdam
Development & IT-Infrastructure
2019 - Today
As an expert in JavaScript and Python as well as Swift I am capable to develop frontend and backend for my customers while also desiging the CD and the user interface.
Independent Webdesigner and -developer
Freelance | Berlin
2019 - Today
I regular attend press conferences of global car manufacturers to report on their newly released products. The text are written in German and can be bought from GLP by other companies.
Independent Journalist for the MID of Global-Press
Global Press Nachrichten-Agentur und Informationsdienste KG | Groß-Gerau
Press Releases for Automotive
I am currently responsible for design of website and internal as well as external print documents. Also scripting smaller business tasks in Python and documenting and reporting of client KPI are part of my daily work.
Student Employee
CORE SE | Berlin Wannsee
Operating, Design
This thesis shows how the LTI standard can be used to perform deep linking with mobile "applications (e.g. iOS). For this purpose, an already implemented code base will be extended, which so far only enable the Schul-Cloud to deep link web applications according to the LTI standard. In addition, a Swift Library is proposed, which enables developers of third-party applications to arrange content in a tree structure and bind deep links to associated views within the application, independent of the original implementation of their application.
Bachelor Thesis
Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Chair of Internet Technologies | Potsdam
Development of a Swift Library to Integrate the LTI Standard into Third-Party Applications
Final Grade 1.7
2018 - 2019
Students of the Hasso-Plattner-Institute are required to participate in a university project in order to graduate. The project takes place in semester 5 and 6. The project amounts to 30 ECTS and is concluded with a bachelor thesis. The Schul-Cloud project consisted ot three streams tackling different issues within the Schul-Cloud's development environment.
Student Project Participant
HPI Schul-Cloud – Hasso-Plattner-Institute Digital Engineering gGmbH | Potsdam
Web Development, iOS Development
20h/Week (5. Sem), Full-Time (6. Sem)
2017 - 2018
As the first web developer in the company I was responsible for the foundation of what later became the Synfioo OnTime Navigator. That is a web application delivering SME a simple TMS alternative with proper ETA estimation. The technology stack that was used consisted of Vue.js, HERE Maps SDK, Leaflet, D3.js while using node.js for a simple backend. Assets were made using the Adobe Creative Cloud. A proper API was written in JAVA by another team.
Student Employee
Synfioo GmbH | Potsdam
Web Development, Design
As part of the final thesis, approximately 3 million Twitter tweets were crawled from the Twitter website. On the basis of this data, mathematical-statistical methods were used to determine the origin of the underlying event and the time of occurrence. The accuracy of the result was then compared with official press releases and the feasibility of implementing it in a production system was discussed. Python was used in conjunction with a TOR client to write the web crawler. The data was stored in a MongoDB, analyzed with various Python libraries and finally visualized with Tableau using an associated NoSQL plugin. The thesis was written in Latex.
Master Thesis
Technical University of Berlin, Chair of Logistics | Berlin
Real-time analysis of social media big data enabling event-based monitoring of supply chains for manufacturing companies.
Final Grade 1.3
2016 - 2017
Within the Application Services division of CG I developed an Android app prototype simplifying asset management within the post-production of a car manufacturer. Mainly JAVA was used for the Android App. While assets were made using the Adobe Creative Cloud.
Student Employee
CapGemini S.A. | Berlin
Application Services
2015 - 2016
At the research office of IMX I was responsible for the seamless support of our field service consultants. I acquired a lot of skills using the Microsoft Office products. I also developed a small travel expense reporting tool for internal usage using Visual Basic.
Student Employee
Institute for Manufacturing Excellence GmbH | Berlin
Research Office
As the motorcycle production plant has not been integrated into general BMW IT systems, I was in charge of employee surveys and the development of a structural overview for the communication processes at that time. The results were later used to sustainably optimize the processes in the program planning department.
B.Sc. Degree Candidate & Internship
Chair of Factory Operation & BMW Motorrad | Berlin
Improvement of the communication process in the production planning department at BMW Motorrad.
In teams of 5-10 people students were given the opportunity to work on tasks initiated by industry partners in an intensive one month project phase. A new business model was developed for a virtual learning platform. Intensive market research and competition analysis were carried out for this purpose.
University Project: Innovation Laboratory
Technical University of Berlin | Berlin
Development of a new business model for trommsdorf + drüner GmbH.
2012 - 2013
During an internship at Volkswagen AG, I gained a first insight into the professional business world of a vehicle manufacturer. I was introduced to the operational business processes of purchasing departments. Teamwork on the one hand and independent work on the other hand were an important part of office life. An adequate application of Microsoft Office, telephone and written correspondence as well as internet research were also part of my scope of duties.
Volkswagen A.G. | Wolfsburg
Purchasing Department for Electronic Components
Several different departments within the genom research divison were visited.
Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research | Braunschweig
Genom Research
Excellent students at the KLS were given the possibility to participate in a short student trial week at the TUB.
Student Trial Weeks
Technical University of Berlin | Berlin
Institute for Chemistry
Gemeinsam Hilft is a platform created for the current corona situation. Gemeinsam Hilft connects helpers with people in need of help in an easy way. Instead of supplying an application that might be challenging to use, especially for older generations, we rely solely on interaction with one single phone number. People in need of help can call the phone number and leave their zip code. Helpers can contact the same number via our automated WhatsApp service and are then matched with people in need of help via their zip code. The telephone number of the person in need is then forwarded to the helper who calls the given number.
Creator and Developer
Gemeinsam Hilft | Berlin
Software and Business Development
2015 - 2017
The 'Fachschaftsteam' of the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Technical University of Berlin is a student initiative with the aim of representing student interests. I was involved in the organization of events such as the annual honoring of the Bachelor graduates of our program and the weekend trips we took with newly enrolled studends. In the winter semester 2015/2016 I was also responsible for the organization of the orientation days. During the orientation days, around 600 newly enrolled students from all business related studies at the Technical University of Berlin are introduced to their everyday university life. As part of my public relations work, I was in charge of the public appearance of the 'Fachschaftsteam'. With the help of Adobe CC programs, I created design templates, handouts, logos and videos that were used for representative purposes of the initiative.
Active Member
Fachschaftsteam e.V - Student body of the faculty for economic science | Berlin
Public Relations, Event Management
2015 - 2017
As part of the Fasttube team I participated in several business plan competitions within the formula student competitions in collaboration with other students. For this purpose a fictitious business idea for the racing car developed by our team had to be developed and supported with a business plan. In addition, I was responsible for public relations and the design of corporate identity documents.
Active Member
FaSTTUBe Formula Student | Berlin
Business Development, Sponsor Relations

Skillset & Expertise