Johannes A.i. Unruh

Digital Portrait of Johannes A.i. Unruh
One of the greatest human failings is to prefer to be right than to be effective. — Stephen Fry
Johannes A.i. Unruh holds a B.Sc. in IT-Systems Engineering and both a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering. Throughout his career, he has worked with renowned companies across various sectors, including automotive, consulting, and software development. Leveraging his passion for IT, design, and illustration, he founded his own company in 2020 called "neopolis". The aim of neopolis was to revolutionize how white-collar workers manage high-value documents. It introduced a Word Plugin that enabled users to interact with text documents in the same way developers handle code. Johannes managed to secure a spot for his company in the Fuse Accelerator Program at Allen and Overy in London. However, despite its innovative approach, the product did not achieve financial success and its development is currently paused. Currently, Johannes serves as the CTO of the startup "mama health", where he merges his technical expertise, business acumen, and empathy for patients with chronic diseases.