Over the last 50 years Toyota has made quite a few sports cars. From left to right we can see here: Toyota GT86, Toyota Celica Carlos Sainz 4WD, GT2000, Toyota GR Supra, Toyota Supra MK4, Toyota Corolla AE86, Toyota Corona Mark II.

The Toyota heritage of true sports cars started with the GT2000 in 1967. The GT2000 had a 6-cylinder inline engine producing 150hp. The Toyota Supra MK4, famous for its role in the Fast and Furious movies, was also equipped with a 6-cylinder inline engine. The MK4 engine had 3l displacement and was turbocharged producing 330hp. The current generation Toyota GR Supra continues the 6-cylinder heritage and delivers 340hp also using a 3l engine.

The new Supra has been developed together with BMW. The shrinking revenue and declining sales numbers in the sports car segment are the main reason for BMWs and Toyotas cooperation.

While the general drive train and the cars platform are shared and thus identical in the BMW Z4 and the Toyota GR Supra, the design has been the responsibility of each individual company. As a result the BMW has a more classic design while the Toyota looks more extroverted with rather sharp lines and edges.

The Toyota GR Supra is a very fast and sporty car. The sprint from 0-100 km/h only takes 4.3 seconds. It behaves well in the corners, has a great sound and is rather is rather easy to drive. Currently there is no option for a manual transmission. All Toyotas are equipped with a 8-speed automatic from ZF Friedrichshafen.

Due to naming rights issues the Supra is called Toyota Supra in Europe.

As one can see the interieur of the new Toyota Supra has quite a few similarities with the current BMW Z4. At least in regards to quality this is not a bad thing.

Infotainment system and the instrument cluster are also unmistakable developed by BMW. While the branding has changed the overall look and feel of the software clearly reminds the driver of the Bavarian company.

The Toyota Supra from the 90's became famous through his role in the Fast and Furious franchise.

It was equipped with a 3L turbocharged 6 cyl. Producing 330 hp.

As one can see this particular version was equipped with a automatic gearbox. The 4-speed 'automatic gearbox is not the ideal companion for this car. Since old turbocharged engines always require the turbocharger to be active, the driver is required to keep the car in a high RPM range. The automatic transmission does not allow the driver to select the gear, making it nearly impossible to drive in the proper rev range.

90's flair in the cockpit.

The spiritual ancestor of the Supra family was the GT2000

Produced in the 60's it was the first super car from Toyota. It was going for the "Ferrari" look and also priced nearly as high.

The car was also equipped with a 6 cyl. engine.